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Welcome to my Website Portfolio page. Here are a few websites I have created over the last couple of years. Most of the sites I build, I use WordPress, but I do hard code some as well as use other content managing platforms.   WordPress is easy to learn and use Website Content Manager that helps my clients update and add to their sites. It is also very flexible and has great plug-ins especially for Search Engine Optimization.   Please read my blog post Top 10 WordPress Plug-Ins That Help with SEO.


According to statistics from W3 Techs WordPress is used more than any other content managing platform and accounts for 59% of the market share.

Here is my Website Portfolio, click on each site for a detailed description:


Website Portfolio



responsive design

Responsive Design

I prefer to design responsive websites. Responsive means the websites will dynamically readjust itself to different web browser window sizes and display the same content to the end user.

It is easier to maintain a Responsive Website.  You only need to edit the contents once regardless of the display device.  And Google prefers Websites that show well on mobile devices.



I have experience in WordPress and offer my clients WordPress training.

Also, I have skills in the following areas:


Visual Basic






Search Engine Optimization

Graphics and Animation

Video Editing

Article Writing


My Philosophy

Unlike most website developers, I prefer to establish a long-term partnership with my clients.  After I have built a website, I like to train my clients in updating and maintaining their sites.  I help them with the more technical side of Website Maintenance and Search Engine Optimization.



Please feel free to contact me by sending an Email to or by using the online contact form.